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2012-04-03 07:52:01

I had my first appointment with the hygienist, Ms. Hannah, for a dental cleaning just last week. She did a thorough cleaning and a good job with the whole process. She even examined the insides of my cheeks, tongue and throat for any signs of other conditions. I had a great experience and will surely come back to My Ashburn Dentist.

Marsha White

2012-04-03 07:50:33

I had a car accident a year ago and broke my three front teeth, it was awful, but I am glad that I survived and I’m happy to be alive. When I went to Dr. Rusznak to seek help for cosmetic dentistry, he recommended me to have dental implant. Throughout the whole process I was always confident that I was in a very safe hands and the result was fantastic!!!

Sean Lane

2012-03-28 13:09:44

As a police officer, there’s always the risk of physical danger that could occur at any time, like what happened to me about a year ago. I had a car accident while I was on duty. I lost most of my teeth due to the accident. My brother advised me to visit the office of Dr. Rusznak to consult my case. (His staff is very accommodating and professional). They told me that I would need implants to fix the damage and to have new teeth again. As I agreed on the procedure, the appointments are set, at first I was reluctant but as we went on with the procedure and several appointments I can see the improvement which eventually had good results more than I’ve expected. I would say that I am so happy with the results. Dr Rusznak did an excellent job! My new teeth even look better than the originals.

Jon Jay Morris

2012-03-28 13:06:29

Ms. Hannah is very admirable, the way she assures that everything will be alright before you start the cleaning procedure. She never leaves your gums sore and bleeding. Very gentle, and you will feel the ways she cares for the patients. She also explains how to take care of your teeth after the procedure. One of the best hygienist I know.

Jester Bien McDonald

2012-03-27 14:26:11

I have a large filling on my Molar ages ago, and lately I feel a throbbing pain on my jaw, on that side of the molar, piercing and throbbing pain. It was getting worse every day so I decided to see a dentist. I’m guessing the tooth is already building up an infection due to the plaque. When I visit My Ashburn Dental clinic, they explained to me that I need to have a root canal to save my tooth. I always have a misconception that root canal treatment is a very painful procedure, but it was not. My Ashburn Dental clinic did a good job with the treatment, there’s only a slight pain during the treatment. I will highly recommend the clinic of Dr. Rusznak to my family and friends.

Ferdinand Grey

2012-03-27 14:22:14

I would like to take advantage of this review to praise Dr. Rusznak and his staff at My Ashburn Dental clinic. Dr Rusznak is always gentle and caring for his patients, I owe him my beautiful smile, his staff are always warm and friendly, and the hygienist is very helpful. The entire staff at My Ashburn Dentist always makes me feel that I’ve been their patient for years! All the opportunity that I can have, I will definitely recommend. 5 stars!

Kimberly Jazz Dickson

2012-03-21 12:41:47

I had a problem before with a hole with one of my tooth and it was painful Dr. Rusznak suggested and offered me the composite filling. And after that everything’s perfect, I never felt any pain in my mouth again.

Samantha Lei Daniels

2012-03-21 12:36:42

I'm a regular patient of Dr, Rusznak for the past years. I come and visit his office for regular cleaning. He does it very well and fast, I will recommend him because you will see the dedication he has for his work and the patient and respect which you will get from a professional.

James Alan Bright

2012-03-21 12:32:18

I wasn't able to eat properly because of my protruding tooth before, but Dr. Rusznak did the tooth extraction procedure for me and it was painless. I respect the way he help me and I can see how dedicated he is with his profession.

Makayla Maddison

2012-03-16 13:32:09

Dr. Rusznak helped me with my problem which the other dentist wasn't able to give. He help me and did a root canal treatment. The therapy was perfect and gave me a relief. I will recommend him to my family, co-workers and students.

Bonnibelle Clark